Best Books About The Anglo Saxons For KS2

The list below is a made up of wonderfully written books showing the Anglo Saxons from different perspectives. This reading list is a collection of some of the best books about the Anglo-Saxons for KS2.

The Short Knife by Ellen Caldecott

Mai’s life suddenly changes when Saxon men burn down her farm. Mai and her sister Haf must flee taking their injured father with them. Life at the British camp is hard and both Mai’s father and her sister are becoming more distant. Can Mai survive in a world torn apart by invaders and fighting?

This is honestly one of the best books I have ever read and I would suggest it to anyone who likes history and adventure.

The First King Of England by Stuart Hill

Edwin the shoemaker’s son cannot believe it when he becomes body guard to Athelstan son of the king.

The boys have fun and become friends but soon Athelstan is fighting for a united England and Edwin must help him in his journey to becoming king. This book about the Anglo Saxons is true to history but at the same time tells its own thrilling story.

Shield Maiden by Stuart Hill

Aetheflaed daughter of the Anglo Saxon King Alfred must flee to the marshes with her family. However there seems to be some sort of magic at work and she and her brother are getting drawn into the fighting with the Vikings. Shield Maiden is a fast moving and cleverly written book which weaves both history and magic together.

Dawn Wind by Rosemary Sutcliff

When Owain’s father and brother are killed fighting the Anglo Saxons he knows he must look after himself. He makes his way to the abandoned Roman city of Viroconium and meets Regina another abandoned child. Together they must fight to survive. Dawn Wind is a wonderful book about the end of Roman Britain and the start of Anglo Saxon Britain which is full of excitement and thrills.

I really hope you enjoy these books about the Anglo-Saxons as much as I did. Do bookmark it or save it on Pinterest for safe keeping. And for more good kids books for 10 to 13 year olds check out the posts below.

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